Tunisia endeavors to bring home children stuck in Libya

The Tunisian foreign ministry is putting some diplomatic efforts to return 24 children who were born to IS militants that got killed in Sirte and Sabratha, sources from the ministry said.

The 24 children are split into a prison in Tripoli and under the Libyan Red Crescent protection in Misrata, the ministry added, saying their ages do not exceed 5 years.

According to the head of the consulate affairs of the Tunisian foreign ministry, Shafiq Al-Haji, many Tunisian officials from the interior ministry and others are working on resolving this entangled issue, adding a delegation was supposed to visit Libya last February.

No conformed reports have been given out about the real number of the Tunisian children in Libya; however, Tunisian civil societies say they are over 40.

A delegation from the Tunisian Parliament visited Tripoli last week and was supposed to meet the Tunisian women that are locked up, together with their kids, over cases related to IS terrorists, yet the delegation canceled the visit despite having a permit from the Attorney General.

The Libya observer


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