14 tank trucks intercepted en route to Tunisian with smuggled fuel

Fursan Janzour Brigade has revealed that it intercepted 14 tank trucks at Al-Ghiran checkpoint in Janzour district.

“The tank trucks were en route to Tunisia and they had more than one extra tank each filled with fuel, diesel and other oil products.” The brigade said on Monday.

It also explained that the extra fuel laden on the tank trucks was between 3000 and 5000 liters to be smuggled to Tunisia.

“Al-Ghiran checkpoint is secured by Janzour security department and the General Staff’s 112 Brigade, with some help by Fursan Janzour Brigade.” The brigade’s media center said.

The brigade also indicated that its efforts are part of supporting the efforts of the gas and fuel crisis commission and other entities that are trying to preserve Libya’s natural resources and fortunes and fight smuggling.

“The tank trucks have been seized and they will pay the necessary fines, plus the smuggled fuel will be distributed to health and public institutions as well as bakeries within Janzour district.” Fursan Janzour Brigade concluded.

Libyan Express

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