Res4Med relaunches Italy-Tunisia renewables cooperation

TUNIS, MAY 5 – The three-day “Res4Med” (Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean) seminar on Italy-Tunisia cooperation in renewable energy concluded on Friday, highlighting the role of renewable energy in Tunisia’s future and the importance of increasing energy sector dialogue between the two countries.

The event – a partnership between the Tunisian Agency for Energy Management (AMNE) and Tunisian electric utility STEG – brought together an international network of companies and technology providers as well as consulting firms and the academic world, all united around the theme of spreading renewable energy in the Mediterranean.

Tunisian Energy Minister Hela Cheikhrouhou emphasised the positive effect that renewable energy project development has had on employment.

Antonio Cammisecra, CEO di Enel Green Power, gave a talk at the conference and said that Enel Green Power is “ready to cooperate in the organisation of a transparent and efficient market for long-term and sustainable development of renewable energy”.

The importance of Italy-Tunisia cooperation was also reinforced with regard to the “ELMED” strategic interconnection project, a joint collaboration between Italian utility Terna and Tunisia’s STEG, backed by the countries of both governments. Members of Res4Med that participated in the seminar included: Enel Green Power, Poyry, Italgen, Enertronica, Fimer, Convert, Steg, Steg Er, Terna, Saet, and Santerno.

Res4Med is a non-profit association of 28 leaders in the energy sector, including utilities, investors, industry, consulting firms, and universities.


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