The Impact Of Telecomunication in Arab Countries

Telecommunication has had an impact on many cultures and lifestyle including the Arab culture. The advance technological innovation has led to the introduction of new as media approaches which have been impactful to the Arab culture.

The use of mobile phone, the internet, and other sophisticated telecommunication devices have brought radical changes in the Arab world. The most vivid example of the impacts of telecommunication is during the recent Arab uprising that swept across Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Syria. During these past upheavals, mobile phones, the internet and the use of social media influence the reaction of the Arab communities; the revolution changed the Arab culture and lifestyle significantly.

The internet played a significant role in the revolution because the use of electronic media such as blogs provided information. For example, when the revolt started in Tunisia, the internet made the spread the life footages rapid, and such news motivated other nations to revolt. In this case, the internet played a significant political impact that has changed the political understanding in the Arab society. The fight for democracy and end of tyranny governance in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt established the democratic culture in the Arab world .

The internet is as a key telecommunication has been influential to the Arab cultures both positively and negatively. The internet has been a brought positive communication platform because the internet has linked the Arab society with the rest of the world. The internet is an impactful tool in the business world and the use of the internet has led to economic development in the Arab community.

Today, most Arabic nations are among the global trading destination such as the emirate. This is because the use of telecommunication has promoted and exposed the Arab trade to the rest of the world thus; resulting to economic development. It is essential to note that since the adoption of the internet research shows that Arab trade and tourism have gradually increased.

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