Mediterranean migrants must go to camps in Tunisia, Egypt: Austria

In the latest controversial plan to end the European migrant crisis, Austria has demanded that all migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea, must to be taken to new camps in Tunisia and Egypt

Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz has warned that a fresh wave of migrants, who are unable to use the West Balkan route since it has been closed off and fewer migrants are crossing from Turkey, are increasingly using the dangerous Mediterranean route and risking their lives, reports Sputnik.

He has put forth the demand that refugees rescued in the Mediterranean should be taken directly into reception centers in Tunisia and Egypt, asserting that if the EU offered them an attractive deal, the countries would agree to the offer.

However, Tunisia has already rejected the proposal while Egypt has been quite skeptic about the plan.

The development comes in the wake of the European Commission filing a case against the Czech Republic, hungary and poland, for refusing to take part in a mandatory migrant relocation scheme, which is intended to relieve pressure on both Italy and greece, which have borne the brunt of migrant arrivals via the Mediterranean.

More than 13,000 migrants have lost their lives attempting the treacherous crossing, and many more died on their journey through the Sahara desert.

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