Tunisia: Chinese tourists up 395%!

The latest figures from the Ministry of Tourism contain a little surprise, a good one: The Chinese are fond of Tunisia. The number of Chinese visitors has hit a record level of 7,000 from January 1 to May 30, 2017, i.e. an increase of 395%.

Not too bad on the side of the so-called traditional markets, where the improvement is confirmed, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

At the same time, the French are more numerous than last year from January 1 to May 30, 2017, with more than 44.9%.

 This is even more striking on the Belgian market, + 83.2%, 13,800 tourists; The German market rose by 21%; this is the same for Switzerland, + 20.7%.

It should be noted that 9,450 Britons stayed in Tunisia, disregarding the warnings of their Foreign Office…

 African Manager

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