Tunisia: one in two Tunisians uses the Internet (Internet World Stats)

According to new data from the Internet World Stats report, which is based in particular on data from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Tunisia has crossed the threshold of 50% of the population using the Internet.

Tunisia thus has 5,800,000 Internet users for a population of 11,494,760, i.e. a penetration rate of 50.5%.

As for the number of Internet users in Morocco, it is 20,207,154 out of a population of 35,241,418, i.e. a penetration rate of 57.3%. A rate that makes it the most connected country of the Maghreb.

With 18.580.000 million Internet users out of a population estimated at 41.063.753 million, Algeria lags behind the Maghreb countries in Internet penetration rate (45.2%).

Worldwide, Asia is the most connected continent with a rate of 50.1%, followed by Europe (17%). Africa remains the most disconnected continent with its 9.4% of its population using the Internet.

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