Immigrant Has Advice For Others Who Want To Come To America

He arrived in San Antonio as a member of the Tunisian Air Force back in 1968. Ben Amor says it didn’t take him long to realize he wanted to make the Alamo City his home.

Amor says once he made up his mind he wanted to stay, he did whatever he had to do to achieve legal immigrant status.

“I worked 4 jobs and got involved in my community. It took time and effort but in the end it’s been totally worth it.”

Amor reflected on his time back in Tunisia after first visiting San Antonio.

“I went back and finished my contract with the Tunisian Air Force. During that time I came up with a plan. I set goals for myself and America allowed me the opportunity to chase them and achieve them.”

Amor says he’s been paying close attention to the recent events surrounding immigration and his advice to those who want to stay.

“Go through the process, set goals and never give up.”

After 3 years, Amor feels he’s acheived his American dream and his written a book about his pursuit. It’s called “The Urban Shepherd…Chasing the American Dream”


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