Chahed calls on Tunisian expatriates to close ranks to defend nation’s interests

Prime Minister Youssef Chahed called,  Friday in Tunis, on Tunisian expatriates to close ranks to defend the interests of the Nation and restore Tunisia the place it deserves in the world.

He said at the opening of the annual forum of Tunisians abroad, that over one million 300 thousand Tunisians live abroad representing a force of investment creation and promotion in Tunisia.

Youssef Chahed underlined that the government is working on a comprehensive strategy to attract Tunisian skills living abroad.

In this connection, he recalled the various measures adopted for the benefit of Tunisians abroad, including the authorisation to import a second car at the time of final return, the right of the mother to take steps to obtain a passport for her children and the opening of a new maritime line Zarzis-Marseille.

Among the other measures announced on July 17 for Tunisian expatriates, the premier spoke of the simplification of procedures at ports and airports and the reinforcement of port security to better protect passengers.

Besides, Chahed reviewed the measures taken this year, reminding that the Government is working to reinforce Arabic language learning for the Tunisian expatriate children in cultural and social centres.

Tunisia needs today active participation of Tunisians abroad in the country’s economy in addition to their contribution in the transfer plan of 4 thousand million dinars each year, i.e. a 5% share of GDP and also in terms of their active participation in promoting investment, Chahed went on saying.

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