Thomas Cook to re-offer trips to Tunisia

UK travel agent Thomas Cook has announced that it could start offering package holidays to Tunisia as soon as spring 2018. Thomas Cook has not offered packages to the country after the 2015 terror attack that left 38 people, including 30 British holiday makers, dead.

Reported in UK news outlet The Independent, the news came after the UK Foreign Office removed Tunisia from its ‘no-go’ list, meaning that companies can start offering trips again.

Peter Fankhauser, chief executive of Thomas Cook, said: “The Foreign Office came to the conclusion that it is again safe to travel. We are setting up a really good-quality offer for Tunisia and this is going to take some time. I suppose that we are going to start during the winter season, but more towards the spring.”

Before the ban was instigated, Thomas Cook was sending around 200,000 British tourists a year to Tunisia. The Tunisian National Tourist Office has said that around 12,000 British travellers have travelled to the country so far this year, though most insurers will not cover trips due to the country’s ‘no-go’ status. The National Tourist Office also said that French, German and Italian tourists have already started returning in large numbers this year, including 228,000 French tourists.

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