Tunis conference on Med migration, ‘Reality and Challenges’

A three-day conference with debates in Tunis on September 22-24 will seek to inform the public on the situation in southern Mediterranean countries heavily affected by migration.

Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt will all be discussed, as countries of departure, transit and destination.

The legal position of migrants of refugees in these countries will also be discussed and stock will be taken of the agreements signed with some of them, to assess the consequences as well as share experiences and opinions. The conference, entitled ‘Migratory Movements Around the Mediterranean, Reality and Challenges’, is being held by Alarmphone Tunis in collaboration with the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation at Hotel Africa.

Watch The Med’s Alarmphone was set up in October 2014 by a network of activists and civil society representatives in Europe and North Africa. The project has created a hotline for refugees experiencing difficulties in the Mediterranean Sea. Alarmphone is led by volunteers, most of whom have been active for many years on the EU’s external borders in networks such as Welcome to Europe, Afrique Europe Interact, Borderline Europe, Noborder Morocco and Watch The Med.

The activists live in Tunis, Palermo, Melilla, Tangiers, Cadiz, Mareseille, Strasbourg, London, Vienna, Bern, Berlin and many other cities.

Local groups research groups and campaigns from the regions above take part and some members crossed the sea as migrants themselves in the past.


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