UK energy experts expected next week in Tunisian south

A delegation of British energy experts is expected next week in Kebili to discuss with regional authorities how to set up a mega-station to produce electricity from solar energy, according to the Tunisian TAP news Agency.

The delegation includes representatives of UK-based NUR Energy specialising in renewable energies plans to carry out an integrated solar energy project linking Tunisia’s sunny desert to European electricity markets, of a solar power plant on an area of 20 thousand hectares in Rjim Maatoug in the Tunisian South.

The “TuNur” project was proposed by the British company since 2012 after submitting an application for authorisation to the Tunisian Energy Department.

The “TuNur” project provides for the development of a capacity of 2,000 Megawatt (MW) in “Regim Maatoug” of thermodynamic or central CSP plants, to produce electricity.

The second phase of the project provides for the installation of a 1,000 km long land and sea electrical line to connect the Tunisian Sahara plant to the Italian electricity grid. The transmission of electrical energy will be ensured via 3 high voltage submarine cables to Malta, Italy, and France. The electricity transmitted by these cables will then be redistributed to Great Britain.

The overall cost of the project is estimated at around 10 billion Euros. It will provide nearly 20 thousand jobs including 1,500 direct and will make Tunisia the largest exporter of solar energy in the region, according to the partners in this project who had said they would benefit Tunisia, free of charge, of a portion of the project’s electricity production TAP said.



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