Tunisia: State recovers more than 90% of agricultural lands used illegally

 In an interview with news website, Leaders, the Tunisian minister of State domains and Land Affairs, Mabrouk Korchid (picture), revealed that most of the arable lands used without deeds have been recovered by the State.

Presently, more than 90% of the arable lands used illegally have been recovered in order to be re-integrated in the economic chain, according to well-defined standards. Since I have arrived at the ministry of State domains and Land Affairs, we have focused on a fundamental approach which consists in recovering the State’s properties, while respecting laws in place. In this framework, we are proud to announce that we have recovered more than 17,000 hectares of fertile arable lands needed for food production,” the minister said.

Korchid then announced multiple reforms to “upgrade and modernize administration, involving the simplification of administrative procedures and the implementation of new procedural guidelines”.

Ecofin Agency

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