S’African Business Delegation in Tunisia for Trade & Investment Mission

The South African business delegation comprising of 22 companies from different sectors has arrived in Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia, to participate in the trade and investment mission.

The mission is intended to strengthen the already existing cordial relations between South Africa and Tunisia.

Briefing the delegation before the business forum, the South African Ambassador in Tunisia, Mr Harold Hoyana said Tunisia presented a lot of opportunities and South African businesses wanting to do business in that country needed to have a long-term strategy and patience.

Hoyana adds that the mission provides South African companies with a platform to introduce their products into the Tunisian market, as these markets will also serve as a gateway into the rest of the North African region.

He said that there is potential to increase SA exports of agriculture and agro-processed products, manufacturing and mining into the Tunisian market, including some services such as ICT, engineering services and contracting.

“Tunisia has positioned itself as one of the leading Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destinations in North Africa, and trade relations between South Africa and Tunisia have been growing from strength to strength.

“Cooperation on expanding trade and investment relations between South African companies and their Tunisian counterparts is a lucrative relationship needed to formalise working relations with local businesspeople,” said Hoyana.

He highlighted that main sectors attracting FDI are Information Technology and Telecoms, as well as manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture and agro-processing, and mining sectors are the top areas for FDI in Tunisia.

Speaking at the same briefing was the Director for Export Promotion at the dti, Seema Sardha. Sardha said there is room for further improvement.

“We as government have to create and ensure a business environment conducive for foreign direct investment, and also a market fit for export to penetrate and to occupy markets. This mission is a platform to increase knowledge, offer solutions and further explore investment and trade opportunities in the manufacturing sectors,” said Sardha.

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