Code to secure Tunisian State properties to be established soon

To better protect State properties in the country, a Code for public properties in being elaborated in Tunisia. The first draft of this code “which aims at regrouping and improving all laws related to organization and management of State properties” is, according to the minister of State properties and land affairs, Mabrouk Kourchid, already elaborated and will “soon be examined by a cabinet meeting.

The minister stressed on the need to manage properly State property, in transparency, adding that the public properties code will be a key achievement for Tunisia. The cabinet meeting has reviewed some legal and procedural elements for the identification of State properties and methods of conservation of land registries,” African Manager website indicates.

The commission mentioned is comprised of the minister of State properties and land affairs, a third rank land judge, an administrative judge, a representative of the Tunisian lawyers association, a representative of the Centre de Tunis du droit foncier et de l’urbanisme, the State’s general counsel, the landed property registrar, the director general of the office for acquisition and delineation of State domains, and 6 public law scholars.

These members will be backed by a technical commission comprised of 7 representatives of various general directorates of the ministry of State properties and land affairs, representatives of the ministry of agriculture, water resources and fishery and also some from the ministry of equipment, housing and spatial  planning, African Manager adds.


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