Tunisia hopes to attract investors

At the Tunisia Investment Forum in Tunis, agribusiness, infrastructure and logistics projects were presented. Brazilian partners are wanted. The Arab Brazilian Chamber was there.

There are several opportunities in ongoing projects for Brazilian entrepreneurs in Tunisia. Industries such as infrastructure, logistics and agriculture are booming in the North African country, which is also selling itself as a major gateway to other countries in the continent.

The opportunities were made public during the Tunisia Investment Forum on Thursday (9) and Friday (10) in Tunis. The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce International Business executive Fernanda Baltazar was there, and she singled out interesting possibilities for Brazilian businesses.

“There are several projects underway in the country, and they’re looking to bring in investors. Especially in agriculture, they need partners that possess knowledge,” she explains. “Opportunities are also available in infrastructure and logistics. They are keenly interested in having Brazil join up,” she says. According to Baltazar, the Forum had strong turnout and was attended by ministers, ambassadors and international business owners. Many groups attended from across North Africa, Africa as a whole and Europe, especially the country’s usual trade partners – Italians, Belgians and the French.

“It was interesting, we were able to see what Tunisia’s positioning is, as well as that of a number of competitors on the international scenario,” says the executive, who took advantage of her being at the Forum to build closer ties for the Arab Chamber with authorities and executives from Tunisia and its surroundings.




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