Behind Every Great Man There’s a Great Woman: His mom

On life, mothers and the art of belief.

This is what mom told me 20 years ago. Yet 20 years later, she turned out to be right.

7 months ago, we were in the hottest city in the world where all the magic happens.

Now I have probably told this story countless times. It’s true I have worked hard. It’s true I have met many people along the way who helped me become who I am today.

And it’s also true that nothing would have happened if my parents — my mother in particular — turned their backs on me:

I would be left in the hospital to die there.

If I am lucky, I would be raised in a crappy orphanage or in some random disability center.

I would never go to school.

I would never fall in love with writing.

I would never make something out of myself.

I would never live long enough to tell you this story.

I would only be a pathetic loser that people treat like a charity case.

Bad News, My lady!

mom & me somewhere in DC

“Sorry Maam but your baby boy’s brain is screwed. We put him under intensive care. We are not sure if he can make it. Even if he miraculously does, we can’t promise you anything”

I have no idea what doctors told her. I can imagine . I felt scared just writing those words letalone facing the real thing. For a young lady with a little to no life experience, it was a huge deal.

Raising a child with a disability is no picnic.

She could have run away when she had the chance. A lot of women did run away actually. She didn’t.

The Leap

On the way to Capital Hill

I am pretty well known that my heart is into risky stuff. I wasn’t always like that. I learned that from my mother. This woman would never take no for an answer. She would fight for what she believes in till the last second.

For a guy who was a mute, crippled and had a low IQ, I was a lost cause. Mom didn’t see that me in me. She tried everything… Literally everything but in vain. I was beyond repair.

Since we come from a small town, moving to a whole new city in the late nineties was pure craziness. The doctors gave her no guarantee that I would get better.

Guess what?

She didn’t think twice. My father saved every penny he had ever worked for and we made the move.

She has supported me ever since, with no complains whatsoever.

Isn’t that crazy?

Why Mothers rock

mom & me at the android Garden (Google HQ)

Over the years, a lot of questions have remained unanswered.

The night before visiting Google, I sat down with mom and asked her :

“How did you do it? I mean if you do the math, I am a lost cause ”

She smiled :

“I just had to do my part. I didn’t wanna have regrets. I would have done anything but abandoning you… Never ❤”

I Love You, mom ❤

we love that cool robot(Singularity University ~ NASA Research Park)

My mom is my everything.

I am in debt to her for life. Sometimes I don’t have time for my family and especially for her. I should say : “I love you ” more often to her.

We have our ups and downs like any mother-son relationship. Still at the end of the day, there is none that could ever love me the way she has done. 25 years and still counting.

Here is a little secret :

My day sucks if I don’t speak to her at least once over the phone ❤

Be good to your mom.

I am Azzen, a blogger and entrepreneur from Tunisia. I love sharing chunks of my life and knowledge. Feel free to connect with me onFacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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