AGRICULTURE Tunisia to reinforce its presence in Japan’s olive oil market

In Tunisia, the Fund for the Promotion of Conditioned Olive Oil (FOPRHOC) will initiate a scheme to increase exports of olive oil to Japan, to satisfy 5% of the Asian nation’s demand. This was announced by Abdessalem Loued, president of the Chambre syndicale nationale des exportateurs d’huile d’olive.

This scheme should help boost export revenues which are currently estimated at 1 million dinars per year and tap into an annual consumption of about 59,000 tons of oil.

In addition to this program, Aziza Htira, CEO of the Exports Promotion Centre (CEPEX) indicated that bilateral meetings between the industry’s actors will be held to build new partnerships and plan visits to Tunisia’s oil factories.

Let it be recalled that Tunisia presently satisfies only 0.5% of Japan’s olive oil imports. The nation plans to produce and export 180,000 tons in 2018.

Ecofin Agency

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