Tunisia to set up regional aviation security training center

A regional aviation security training center will be set up in Tunisia to implement and support national and regional aviation safety training programs, an official said Thursday.

The operation of the training center will be under auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (OACI), Hassen Seddik, the founder and president of the Tunisian-French Civil Aviation Security Training Academy (AFSAC) said at a press conference.
“This center will be a pride for Tunisia as well as the Arab world,” AFSAC Executive Director Mostafa Abdelaal told Xinhua. “The various players in civil aviation will have to fulfill a series of conditions, particularly security and a certain capacity to deal with and manage security-related problems.”
The Tunisian center, according to Abdelaal, is also tasked to supervise everything that is related to civil aviation at various airports, including security agents, boarding and transport employees, registration, maintenance of aircraft, safety of passengers and equipment. As one of the agencies of the United Nations, OACI was founded in 1944 and is currently located in Montreal.
African Independent

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