Imam preacher of Grand Holly Mosque of Makka highlights peaceful coexistence

The Tunisian Zituna University hosted last Saturday a memorable event enhanced by the visit of  Imam preacher  of the Grand Holly Mosque of Makka ( Masjid al-Haram) Dr. Salah Bin Abbdullah Bin Hamid.

On this occasion, the eminent Sheikh gave a lecture on coexistence which according to him must prevail in the Muslim community.

The conference, which was attended by many academics, Imams and Tunisian and foreign students, started by a special welcome voiced by Dr. Hichem Grissa, President of the Zituna University and his colleague moderator of this meeting, Dr. Abdellatif Bouazizi, to the outstanding figure and honourable guest Sheikh bin Hamid as well as to his Excellency Saudi ambassador in Tunis Mohammad B. Mahmoud Al-Ali, his Excellency Issam Jtili chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy, and Cultural Attaché, Dr. Mohammad Bin Modhi Toom.

In his lecture, Sheikh Salah Bin Hamid reminded the attendance of the urgent need of coexistence which is the pillar of our Islamic unity.

The Imam argued in the light of verses of Holy Quran and Prophetic traditions (Sunnah) that differences is natural and that man in an Islamic society aims to achieve the target of an integrated and coherent society.

In his analysis, the Sheikh made an overview of the Islamic history and our daily reality, referring mainly to Holly Quran and Sunnah, while convincing the attendance of the true value of coexistence by extending a positive effect on the souls of those who came to benefit and make the most of his rich knowledge. He focused on the values of coexistence with all parties whatever their positions or differences or their religions, stressing that peaceful coexistence spreads love and cooperation and does not mean rejection of the others.

In other words, he noted that difference can be dealt through openness because narrow minds cannot move forward or have any options in their life. Understanding others does not necessarily mean to be convinced with other’s opinions, but rather respecting their views, he went on saying.

In turn, students of the Zituna university took  part in this meeting by asking some questions to Sheikh Bin Hamad.

Answering their questions the prominent Sheikh advised young people not to be over enthusiastic and overbearing  about their demands and be more rational, stressing that the difference between people is their creativity, culture and knowledge…

The renowned Sheikh who is paying an official visit to Tunisia left Zituna University to prepare the next day for a visit to the city of  Kairouan, the last stage of a profitable and valuable  visit.

Tunisian Monitor Online(Ben Rhouma Chedly)

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