Stock of reserves drops to 82 days of import (BCT)

Since early 2018, the Stock of Reserves has been under heavy pressure, bringing it back to 82 days of import (equivalent to 1.161,0 MTD), as a result of the important currency settlements which Tunisia usually makes at the beginning of the year for the constitution of the stocks of raw materials, as well energy, food and industrial, meant to support the economic activity, in addition to the payments for the service of the debt, announces the Central Bank of Tunisia Friday in a statement.

“However, the level of the stock of reserves should be consolidated in the coming period thanks to the expected revenues from exports of olive oil and dates, as well as from the revenues of the tourism sector, in addition to the positive effects of the strengthening of growth in Europe, an important lever for Tunisian exports, “says the BCT.

The Central Bank adds that “Tunisia will also benefit from several sources of external financing, particularly for the financing of public and private investments”.

TunisianMonitorOnLine (BCT)


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