Eagerly, we launched a new website in the English language. It is a willingness by our team to find a new way within a country known by the dominance of the French language in the media landscape during decades, in coexistence with native language.

Actually, we are aware that the task is difficult in particular for those who began their press professional career in Arabic for a long time, but the challenge is greater than any other emotion. We are ready to achieve this dream with the necessary passion and devotion.

Our big challenges to deal with your concerns and to share with you, but not limited to the diversified stories and issues regarding: Tunisian regions, civil society, human rights and press freedom … with another language that deserves to exist in the national media scene, in order to achieve a relative equality between languages in the media sector.

In spite of that, it is not too late to carry out the crucial project aiming at strengthening language diversity, within the framework of enhancing media pluralism.

We are convinced that current and new generation deserves this modest project in English, this dominating and useful language, without neglecting other languages because we are always in the need of mastering various languages with the same degree and importance.

Likewise, the new website needs your advice and support in order to realize even a small part of the expected targets, at the prompt time.

The team :

Chedly Ben Rhouma: Co-founder and Reporter

Med Neji: Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

Fathi Ben Mohamed: Collaborator and contributor

Dhouha Saafi: Reporter

Kais Fatnassi: Technical Director

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