Municipal elections must embrace our differences

The relative optimism prevailed on the eve of the municipal elections for a better future under the sky of political landscape, did not last.

Unfortunately, this optimism turns to a significant anxiety and confusion.  Let’s simply have look at the statements of some politicians to understand the depressingly common feature in their statements on the new municipal Polls.

Some of them, considered this event disappointing for the Tunisian democratic community along with its results.

According to them, it represents a political earthquake and a warning to the progressive community which must carry out deep self-criticism and revisions before the legislative elections in 2019.

For others such as Khemais Khessila called on the current political class to leave the political landscape for young people who should lead the next phase nearby.

We are aware that such hot views reflect the bitterness of failure, but at the same time express the urgent need that a next generation of politicians must lead the political process to overcome the tremendous challenges and the unbearable slowness of reform, which curb our progress and increase the suffering of many citizens, especially in popular neighborhoods.

The municipal elections sparked the truthful desire to promote a positive change and reflect the hope of political outlooks for reducing the political tension and the mistrust in politicians, as well as absorbing social dissatisfaction.

Despite their belongings, new representatives must strive for a better future for all, regardless of their disagreements.

We agree that democracy embraces differences and diversification especially in such municipal councils that are elected for serving all citizens by enshrining local democracy as well as transparency.

The main lesson provided by these elections is how to eliminate all differences.

Besides, we must be more conscious that our country is facing huge challenges, in a tumultuous region to which we belong that worsens our delicate situation.

We have to start from the municipal work bet to achieve all our aspirations.

Ben Rhouma Chedly




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