Saudi Arabia pillar of peace and stability

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making its way, amid international storms, firmly and with confidence making it clear that the decades ahead, until 2030, will be the decades of launching a new reality and an ambitious future planned tightly by the Saudi leadership for further stability and prosperity for the Saudi people.

This is the vision that re-launched the dreams in the era of the fall of economies and the era of the miserable citizen and the broken homelands.

The Saudi citizen realizes before any others that his country that celebrates its 88th National Day, is facing challenges that require the unification of efforts so as to continue building the future with determination and vigor in these gloomy circumstances that the Arab nation is going through, at a time when the Middle East region is experiencing more destruction and bloodshed.

Honest Observers also note that the successive leaders of the Kingdom have no dreams of expansionist dominations and do not interfere in the fate of the states and their peoples.

Their county has always been a fortress of stability and responsibility in peacetime and at the time when the stability of the Arab world and the Gulf region is threatened. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is forming its friendship and alliances on the basis of co-existence and cooperation and on the principles of respecting the international legitimacy in a complex and tense world, with a comprehensive keenness that there is no bargaining in its security and the protection of its border from any external aggression.

The Saudi diplomacy succeeded in overcoming the most difficult situation and events and the most complex circumstances in the Middle East files.

This diplomacy has a longstanding experience and know-how to communicate and open up for the interest of the homeland and the Nation in the international organizations and in the various capitals.

The kingdom keeps on achieving the reform process which requires exerting the efforts of all the citizens and understanding under their wise leadership. Youths are the basic root of this reform which is meant to be solid.

It is doubtless that the kingdom’s position and its extensive resources have not prevented it from expanding its role in the humanitarian, development and charitable field in such a manner as it has always been at the forefront of the world’s top ten countries that provides aid in war-torn and conflict-stricken areas or in areas where poverty has deepened.

The figures have the most striking signs. It is the only one that summarizes the bestowal and the noble goal, which is clearly observed.

The humanitarian donation of the Kingdom according to Saudi official data between 2007 and 2017, reached some $33 billion.

Besides, the number of its humanitarian, development and charitable aids stands at 1,084 worth $32 billion for 79 states.

Yemen is topping the list of the most beneficiary five countries of the Saudi assistance. 290 projects were set up for Yemen with investment of $14 billion, ahead of Syria (153 projects worth $3billion). Egypt ranks third (20 projects with $ 2 billion),  while Niger is fourth (7 projects worth 1 billion 230 million dollars). Mauritania also benefited from 14 projects to hold the fifth place of the Saudi aids with investment of 1 billion 219 million dollars. As for Tunisia the assistance stands at 514.200,000 million dollars and the number of projects is nine.

In another connection, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been subject of a biased campaign after the UN resolution which does not reflect the reality of what is happening in Yemen.

The report of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights for Yemen, which includes the report of the international and regional experts group, is lacking objectivity, full of errors and based on conclusions drawn in haste.



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