Kaddour Ayari, a patriot who believes in his country’s potentials

Political activist and president of the Tunisian Association “Tahia Tounes” Kaddour Ayari commended the Tunisian potential and the deep experience of Tunisians in all fields, namely political, social, cultural and scientific.

The U.S. citizens are not smarter than the Tunisian people, but the difference is their devotion and sincere love to their homeland, he said in an interview with TunisianMonitorOnline

Kaddour Ayari who had been in the Tunisian Army as an officer was forced to leave the country earlier before the Tunisian Revolution in 2000. He went to the United States of America, seeking the American dream where freedom is the first tenet of the country.

Kaddour Ayari never lost contact with his beloved country, Tunisia,  saying “my love to Tunisia is endless, and all the time I am striving to find and propose solutions to all the problems namely political, economic and social so as to achieve the success of the democratic transition, whether political or economic.

After the Revolution of 2011, Kaddour Ayari said that resuming his country is inevitable since the national duty is calling him.

Referring to the United States of America, He said that this country is a melting pot that succeeded to emerge because all the component of the U.S. society live together in peace and harmony though they are from different political, social and cultural backgrounds.

In this connection, Kaddour Ayari said that it is not difficult for the Tunisians to do something similar to that of the USA. “All that we need is to be wise and political maturity is needed in order to discuss political matters and decide the future of the country”, he underlined.

He said that the problems that prevail today can be solved by all the Tunisian people without exception. Solutions can be shared between all the people regardless of their differences whether political or social the ultimate aim is to save Tunisia and hoist it higher among the nations.

Speaking about Tunisian youths and their potentials, he said that we need to seize these potentials and bring back these young people to the homeland to serve it and make the most of their experiences.

Tunisians are spread around the world, like engineers, doctors, scientists and so on. There is an urgent need that these Tunisians help their country wherever they are in any corner of the globe with their idea and the experience they acquired abroad.

“This is the way we can build our country and our society making all the people of Tunisia contribute in the transition process. We need to be at the same level. We can be different but we need to keep that respect between us” he went on saying.

Regarding democracy, President of “Tahia Tounes” Association said that the motto of the association is democracy and development and mainly regional development.

It is prerequisite to teach people real democracy because Tunisian people know democracy but they misunderstand it and ignore its meaning in practice, he indicated, defining democracy as a new concept in our country and the daily behavior which is different from books.

“We need co-existence, cooperation, and understanding, if there is no cooperation between the people of Tunisia together we will not succeed, but rather we will fail and we do not want to fail. We need success, “ Kaddour Ayari concluded.

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