5G licences to be issued in Tunisia by 2021

Minister of ICT and Digital Economy Anouar Maarouf announced that 5G licenses will be available in Tunisia by 2021, during the launch of the 2nd workshop on 5G  organised by the Agence nationale des fréquences-ANF.

Anouar Maarouf said that Tunisia should be prepared for this new phase. There is favourable ground for innovation and investments in Tunisia, notably after the enactment of the startup Act, as they need efficient and modern networks to develop their innovative solutions.”

Telecom operators in Tunisia are already testing their technical capacities to support 5G. Tunisie Télécom in collaboration with Huawei, tested 5G in May 2018 in Tunis. The public company reportedly reached a download speed of 638.66 Mbps live with a widely used consumer smartphone.


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