Tunisia’s annual inflation slows to 5.8%

Tunisia’s annual inflation rate fell to 5.8% in January from 6.1% in December, central bank governor Marouan Abassi said on Friday.

The central bank raised its main interest rate to 7.75% from 6.75% in February last year to combat high inflation which stood at 6.8% for 2019.

Abassi expressed the hope that this downward trend will continue so that it has a positive impact on the national economy, estimating that the inflation rate will remain below 6% for the whole year 2020.

Lower inflation remains dependent on restoring the value of labour, productivity and the revival of domestic and foreign private investment, he indicated, calling for encouraging the consumption of Tunisian products, especially since much of the inflation is imported while referring to the recovery of the dinar, which has helped to limit imported inflation.


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