Tunisia’s economic prospects depend on ability to leverage resources (Oxford Business Group)

“To a great extent, Tunisia’s future economic prospects will depend on its ability to leverage its resources – notably its skilled labour force – to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, as well as its ability to get business up and running again, said Oxford Business Group.
The global publishing, research and consultancy firm, which publishes economic intelligence on the markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, said in an article Thursday going back to work in post-lockdown Tunisia is expected to come with some changes, especially regarding health and safety measures. Behavioural adjustments will need to be made as well as a great deal of awareness on the precautions to take when working and commuting.

“Tunisia needs to focus on putting a solid post-lockdown strategy in place to allow businesses to gradually and safely resume work,” Wissem Badri, General-Director at Kromberg & Schubert Tunisia, told OBG.

“This is particularly important for exporting industries such as the automotive components sector, especially as economic activity and international demand for Tunisian manufactured goods picks up again,” he added.

“While the country has seen investment levels evolve favourably in recent years and implemented encouraging legislation such as the Transversal Law and the Start-up Act,” further reads the article, “structural challenges such as its growing public debt, the devaluation of the dinar and dwindling foreign currency reserves are likely to be among some of the other pressing issues it will need to address as activity resumes.”


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