Active Citizens presents the citizen program “Eukairia” for the integration of resigning women

“Active Citizens”, a program of the Tunisian League of Citizenship and the British Council, announce that the “Eukairia” project, carried out by the “kairos” team, has been chosen to be implemented within the Mourouj (Ben Arous) Commission. kairos, which means “god of opportunity” in ancient Greek, is an elected project amidst a growing need for employability in this locality of Tunis.

A project aimed mainly at out-of-school and unemployed girls
In an effort to initiate a radical change, the members of this team are considering encouraging young women to stop taking time off work/business. Through training, integration and coaching sessions, women will have the opportunity to materialise their community presence within their region.

The unemployment of young women and their resignation from any economic and social activity was the trigger for this project. This project will give the women beneficiaries a new chance and at the same time allow them to make their voices heard. This project is mainly aimed at out-of-school and unemployed girls from the Ben Arous Social Integration Center.

Eukairia thus plays a key role in influencing the components of civil society in the locality. Indeed, this action will make it possible to curb the lack of participation of women in social, community and associative actions, which are generally the prerogative of men.

This program will also breathe new hope into the community of activists and also help the citizens of El Mourouj to become more involved in decisions relating to public affairs. All the more so as Tunisia encourages this new participatory and citizen approach for a transparent policy. In addition, this action will give women the opportunity to create new projects and join little known professional networks. In short, a new job market with enormous potential, which corresponds to the new needs of society.

Eukairia is intended to be a training unit on organizational and communication levels. It offers the necessary skills for young men and women who are not involved in public affairs and in the process of social and democratic change in their societies. It aims to increase the capacity of participants in social mobilization and enable them to have independence and a sense of responsibility, a guarantee of change in society and for a new generation of community change leaders.

“Active Citizens” program
“Active Citizens” is a leadership and social leadership training program that works to develop intercultural dialogue and promote social responsibility for local development.

Initiated in 2008 in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, the program has reached more than 100,000 people to date through training programs, conferences, social research and international study visits.

Among the objectives of this training is to increase participants’ capacity for social mobilization and enable them to have independence and a sense of responsibility.
This initiative works in parallel to disseminate the values of citizenship and a culture of equal rights and duties through political, economic and social participation. It also defends the values of citizenship and consolidates them among the different segments and sons of the Tunisian people.

Finally, this training program for social leadership aims to develop intercultural dialogue and promote social responsibility in the service of local development.

Project program :

Social entrepreneurship
-Soft skills and personal development
– Governance
-Legal and financial framework
-Assembly and project management
– Marketing
– Success story

Presentation of the kairos team :

-Dhekra Chanoufi
– Safwen Fkaier
-Kais Fatnassi
-Youssef Boughdiri
-Hamza Daou
-Fedi Ouerghi
-Olfa Fatnassi


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