Blind terrorism and provocative statements

Amid the growing tensions over satirical and insulting cartoons of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the French president tries to calm tensions in order to mitigate the Islamic anger and what he called misunderstanding, in a time blind terrorism which has no connection with Islam remains a looming threat to all including France which was  hit by severe and bloody attacks.

In fact, such tensions that occurred last week are dreadful and the risks had to be assessed before these events will further affect the interest of France, polarize and fragment the French society as well as fuel more anger inside Islamic world.

In his attempt to clarify his view, the French president stated in his last interview that “he understands Muslim’s shock over prophet cartoon”, explaining that “the caricatures are not a government project, but emerged from free and independent newspapers that not affiliated with the government”.

In fact, as we condemn all kind of violence, especially the violence on the name of Islam, we stress the duty and the responsibility of Macron as a statesman to impose the respect for religions and its sacred symbols whatever the cost with the eagerness to preserve the interest of state.

Besides, he also has to address the phenomenon of terrorism away from convulsive and provocative statements to Muslims and their religion in the aim to halt spilling of blood and sorrow and not to give terrorists any justification to commit their terrible crimes.

 We conjure up some prominent figures who have contributed in paving the way to coexistence between religions. When most strive to demonize Islam, and contributed to raising hatred speech, others chose research for knowledge, namely Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe through his fascination and sympathy with Islam as a wonderful example, after he investigated Islam, he “fell deeply in love with the religion and developed a lifetime personal relationship with the Quran and with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”.

We can remind in this context others non Muslims views like Alphonse de Lamartine who was seduced by Islam and Prophet as well as Victor Hugo who was influenced by Islam and “admired the noble message of Islam”.

Such views are a real turning point in occidental studies dedicated to Islam and the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These prominent thinkers, Clear-sighted and others celebrities in various field like the actors: Ben Afleck, Jean-Claude Van Damme …give us a glimmer of hope for further coexistence and respect of difference, beliefs and religions.

So, top politicians must be reasonable and vigilant in their reactions and try to find the optimal solutions for any emergency without being hostage to the various lobbyists and part of the main delicate crises.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Chedly Ben Rhouma)

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