Rule of law: the imperative need

 Over the last decade, we have witnessed unfortunately all sorts of violence, corruption, smuggling… that weaken the Tunisian State.

The desperate ordinary citizen faces the worst every single day with the evidence that exposure to negative news is making people feel bad with all sorts of painful news affecting their daily life.

In fact, the confused and wandering citizen lost his temper after finding himself surrounded by tremendous and deep problems under the state’s inability to act effectively to mitigate all kind of source of tensions that destabilize him conspicuously.

The wickers continued abusing him. The latest atrocious crimes to remind occurred recently in the port of Sousse. After the contaminated wheat imported from Bulgaria, we are shocked by another most awful issue concerning the waste imported from Italy which is still at the same port, creating toxins and bad smells inside the port.

Such criminal incidents are really a political, environmental and ethical scandal we have ever seen, which requires from the Tunisian state to impose the implementation of law by severe accountability and punishment away from any financial settlement or any possible consideration of reconciliation.

Regarding the seriousness of the problems, all stakeholders must help to strengthen the rule of law seriously against any laxity or illicit enrishment for the sake of people and their dignity.

Indeed, we must all stand together to stop the bleeding excesses and crimes which damaged the people and tarnished the country’s image. As we are still exposed at various levels of such crimes, even though inflicting any punishment, the role of civil society, national organizations and individual citizens… is doubly important to take responsibility and to step up more efforts to raise  awareness, to denounce  breaches and to help the state to eradicate such scourges and pests.

We must all together bear the entire responsibility in aim to prevent such crimes and to build the cohesive society which will be the safety valve and the stone on which break all plots and crimes.

TuniianMonitorOnline (Ben Rhouma  Chedly)

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