Hult Prize ESSEC: Our goal is, and will always be leading a generation to change the world

Hult Prize ESSECT comes back with its fourth edition with this year’s challenge: FOOD FOR GOOD.

The winner of this year’s competition will have a spot at the regional summit, hosted in more than 27 different countries around the world, said Bilel Hechmi Communication Manager of Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis.

Bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds; it offers you the opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas, learn from your peers, to inspire and be inspired by a generation of young leaders determined to change the world through their different perspectives of business, he added.

Despite the challenges, we were able to hold four successful online training sessions, throughout which we tried to help various teams improve their projects and ideas, Bilel Hechmi Communication Manager of Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis said in an interview with TunisianMonitorOnline.

He noted that the first event, the Info Session, which was held on the 31st of October, was extremely successful. It was held to help explain this year’s challenge, Food For Good, through a Q&A panel, which was presented by various talented members: Campus Director Youssef Reguez and Vice President Yassine Mdini.

This event’s experience was enhanced by the presence of our special guest, Mohamed Ghayadhi, the community builder in Hult Prize Tunisia, Bilel Hechmi indicated.

The second event, The Profiling DISC, which was our first training session, was held, on the 4th of November. Hosted by Innovation program builder at AMC Ernst & Young Tunisia and MedSirat Certified Trainer, Mariem Briki, This event’s purpose was to help members uncover their profile for better understanding of their personality and their suitable role in a team.

The third event, Ideation Camp, was held by Instructor Mariem Briki. During this event, we held Idea Structuring Exercices, Some of them revolved around allowing members to form strategies for brainstorming, and others revolved around creating systems for idea management.

The fourth event, BMC (Business Model Canvas) Course, was introduced by our Instructor Mariem Briki. This event focused on assisting members in developing, enhancing, and expanding their knowledge of all concepts involved in creating a business plan.

Bilel Hechmi Communication Manager of Hult Prize ESSEC concluded that in holding these events and training sessions, we attempted to assist attendees in bringing their projects into reality. “We wish every team the best of luck in the upcoming competition and future projects,” he said proudly.

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