Tunisian women lead African and Arab women in science

Tunisian women lead UNESCO’s rating of African and Arab women participation in scientific research as 55.1 per cent of Tunisian researchers are female; the largest proportion in Africa and in the Arab world, a report released by UNESCO said.

The rating, based on UN branch’s Institute for Statistics (UIS) June 2020 data, credits the North African country with the best ranking in Africa ahead of Algeria (47.1 %), Cape Verde (45.8%) Egypt (45.6%), South Africa (44.9%) as well as Morocco (33.8%), the same source said.

The second best ranked Arab country is Kuwait with 53.2%.

This is the second year in a row that Tunisia tops the Arab world and Africa on the UNESCO’s ranking. Last year it achieved almost a similar score.

UNESCO also last year in a separate report indicated that 65 per cent of Tunisians with a bachelor degree and 69 per cent of PhD holders were female.


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