Tunisian Ambassador visits Reconnaissance Research

Credit goes to Al-Anba newspaper

Tunisia’s Ambassador to the State of Kuwait Hachmi Lajili visited the Kuwait-based policy institute Reconnaissance Research in Kuwait City, Al-Anba newspaper reports.

He met with the founder and CEO Abdulaziz Al-Anjeri and Deputy CEO Yusef Al-Ghusain.

Ambassador Ajili voiced his appreciation for the role of the Cultural and Research Center in building bridges of communication.

He added that this meeting coincidences with the celebration of the 65th anniversary of Independence Day in Tunisia noting that Tunisia exerted great efforts in strengthening the role of the independent research institutes in practising their key knowledge role.

The Tunisian ambassador said “by following the Reconnaissance Research centre and observing its activities and researches, I found out that it is a professional and transparent centre that deals with local and international issues with methodological and serious works and with the contribution of specialist experts and former officials”, voicing hope for future cooperation between Tunisia and the Reconnaissance Research.

In turn, Abdulaziz Al-Anjeri expressed the delight of the visit of Tunisian Ambassador Hachmi Lajili highlighting the longstanding Tunisian-Kuwaiti relations.

He also expressed happiness in the interest of the Tunisian Ambassador by strengthening these relations through the Reconnaissance Research Centre.

“We must boost the common objectives that we seek to carry out in this regard in the interest of the two countries,” Abdulaziz Al-Anjeri said.

He added that the meeting with the Tunisian ambassador paves the way for the participation of all those who are interested in raising issues that concern the two countries in a transparent and sustainable framework to bolster the bilateral relations and further strengthen the communication bridges with the economists, academics and researchers in Kuwait and Tunis.


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