Iraq…a clear vision for the world Dr.. Abdullah Al-Alawi

Iraq expressed a clear vision of the current international and regional changes based on firm foundations represented in achieving stability and peace for all peoples and commitment to international humanitarian conventions.

This expression was made by Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani during his visit to the Russian capital, Moscow, and his meeting with President Vladimir Putin on October 10.

Al-Sudani was clear in his rejection of Israeli violence against Palestinian civilians and his call to achieve peace by recognizing the rights of the Palestinian people. He also renewed his adherence to the necessity of international cooperation in combating terrorism.

Al-Sudani’s visit to Moscow and his statements there and his thanks for the Russian role in supporting Iraq consolidate the firm Iraqi position in rejecting the policy of axes and polarization and a practical confirmation of the openness of the Sudanese government in international cooperation.

Al-Sudani’s statements cut off those who doubted the solidity of the government’s position rejecting the alignments and demonstrated that Iraq is capable of taking the initiative to diversify its foreign relations, and that its strength, stability, and the cohesion of its government protect it from standing at the door of any international force, regardless of its size, waiting for it to open the doors and provide assistance.

Iraq’s strengths are many. All he needs is bold leadership, and this is what is currently available, thank God. The evidence of this is Sudanese’s commitment to the approach of being frank with Iraq’s positions on all international issues without embarrassment or anxiety

TunisianMonitorOnline (Gulf24)

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