Solar car start-up Bako Motors drives sustainable future

Bako Motors, a pioneering Tunisian-German solar car start-up, is making waves in the sustainable transportation sector with their innovative approach to urban mobility. Founded in 2021, the company has gained international recognition for its eco-friendly solutions, most notably the Bako B1 electric tricycle.

Now, on the cusp of a ground-breaking revelation, Bako Motors tells Ventureburn it is gearing up to unveil their second model, set to further revolutionise last-mile delivery and introduce an innovative passenger option.

The Bako B1, the company’s first venture into sustainable mobility, has been a game-changer in urban transportation. Specifically designed for last-mile delivery and small business activities, the electric tricycle comes equipped with a photovoltaic panel, offering up to 50 kilometres of free driving per day.

With remarkably low operational costs, as low as $0.50 for every 100 kilometres, the B1 boasts an impressive range of 150 kilometres on a full charge, easily accessible through domestic sockets. Its substantial loading capacity of 2433 litres allows it to transport up to 350kg of cargo, making it an ideal choice for businesses.

One of the most remarkable features of the Bako B1 is its affordability, said Boubaker Siala, CEO of Bako Motors.

Priced at just 4 000 Euros (about $4 200), this electric tricycle offers an economical and sustainable alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles. The B1 has gained popularity not only in Tunisia but also on the international stage, with successful exports to Qatar and Germany, solidifying Bako Motors’ global presence and reputation.

Siala expressed his pride in their first model, stating, “We are proud of our first model, a testament to our vision of sustainable and accessible urban mobility. The success of B1 pushes us to move ahead and get ready to launch our next model, which will further revolutionise the last-mile delivery sector and offer an innovative passenger option.”

In line with their commitment to advancing sustainable transportation, Bako Motors is set to unveil their second model, a four-wheeled vehicle specifically tailored for last-mile delivery, while also offering a passenger version.

This upcoming model promises a convenient loading space, perfect for delivering food, mail, and various goods. The anticipation surrounding this new release is palpable, with industry experts and urban planners eagerly awaiting the official announcement.

Bako Motors continues to stand as a shining example of innovation in the field of urban mobility. With their dedication to sustainability, affordability, and functionality, the company is reshaping the future of transportation, one solar-powered vehicle at a time.

TunisianMonitorOnline (ventureburn)

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