Businessmen from Tunisia and Libya meet in Djerba to discuss investments

The Higher Council of Tunisian-Libyan Businessmen, operating through its Medenine governorate office, is holding the third session of the International Entrepreneurs’ Forum, due to take place in Djerba from November 23 to 26, under the theme “Investment prospects in Tunisia and neighboring countries”.

On the first day of the forum, the focus will be on investment law in Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria, and the possibilities for its development, in order to encourage private entrepreneurs to launch projects and take greater advantage of possible joint investment opportunities and the development of bilateral and tripartite partnerships between Tunisian, Libyan and Algerian institutions, as well as active participation in Libya’s reconstruction phase.

The remainder of the Forum’s activities, on the second and final day, will be devoted to bilateral meetings between the various Tunisian, Libyan, Algerian, and French companies present to discuss agreements, investment contracts, and partnerships between them.

Over 100 Tunisian and foreign institutions from neighboring countries and countries interested in investing in the region are expected to attend.


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