CineMakna Days of Poetic Films –  20-23 décembre – 2023

The fourth edition of the festival, directed and established by the filmmaker Younes Ben Hajria, with Tunisian actress Fatma Ben Saidane serving as the honorary president, took place from December 20 to 23, 2023. The event, held under the theme “In this cinema… What deserves to live,” provided a platform for the audience in the Moknin region and the Monastir governorate to discover contemporary Palestinian films and those addressing humanitarian concerns.

The opening featured an exhibition titled “Darwish’s Suspensions” by Yasser Jeradi. Following the exhibition, the screening of Mohammed Bakri’s film “Jenin… Jenin” took place at Al-Mokneen Youth House.

This course was characterized by the opening of the festival to its surroundings through its activities in various spaces from the Culture centre to the Youth centre. The participants received and presented audio-visual workshops and film criticism with Dr. in French Literature Director Kamal Ben Wannas and a workshop on camera with Egyptian actor Mohamed Jalal and audio commentary with vocal commentator Safwan al-awayan and film director Marwa Tiba.


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