(HAICA)  denounces

The Tunisian daily newspaper “Achourouk” exposed that Hichem Snoussi, member of the Higher Independent Authority of Audiovisual Communication (HAICA), which represents the media regulatory authority in Tunisia, underlined that the current situation of the media landscape in Tunisia does not result from freedom of expression but it is the result of the lack of freedom of expression. He added that the people dominating the media scene are the same people who have influenced the media landscape within the former regime. As he reiterated, “unfortunately, advocators of freedom of expression were brushed aside and dirty money is used to substitute freedom of expression with freedom of destructive chaos. He affirms that HAICA warned about this issue on several occasions, but instead of asking the crucial questions about government media policies and its passive attitude towards these negative phenomena as well as the deliberate non-compliance with the authority decisions, some Tunisian mass media and businessmen managed to deceive public opinion which has resulted in the disregard of these questions. He concluded by stressing that HAICA is coming to some decisions that will be divulgated in a few days.

Ben ammar Mohamed

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