The complex history and the coming U.S. president

The embarrassing and disappointing American presidential marathon is nearly over.

But regardless the vast amount of scandals and racist statements, the overwhelming majority of Tunisian people, in particular, the elite wish that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States of America for many reasons.

Maybe we do not care of what is happening outside the American land as well as the American domestic policy and the rising racial tensions, as central issues which interest American people at home, but what we mainly yearn for from American policymakers is to reset their foreign policy on the basis of cooperation and respect with the other peoples of the globe, a basic American value that makes America the greatest superpower, respectful on the world stage and in crucial historical periods.

Therefore, we strongly believe that Hillary Clinton as presumed commander-in-chief will be an American model completely different from the presidential candidate Donald Trump who is coming from the business world and maybe will reset the American  political landscape and turn it into craziness given the contents of his hostile speech containing extortion, contempt and arrogance.

On the other hand, if the candidate Hillary Clinton will be the first U.S. female president, this can give us confidence toward the U.S. policy. Her political positions are less turbulent than her rival. She has the capacity and the willingness to restore a better relationship between the U.S.A.  and the Arab region, reduce suspicions and distrust in American foreign policy, she also can carry out her plans with no ”regional fire”.

Clinton is able to achieve the positive change within the general mood and attitude in the Arab Region that has been observed through her electoral campaign.

In the same way, we hope that the coming president helps to stabilize regions, to avoid to set fire in the border and to isolate the U.S.A.

Whoever the next president, we hope that peace will resume and prevail with the new presidential term.

As Tunisians we keep in mind the longstanding historical relations  binding both countries, despite the complex history between some Arab countries and the U.S.A., we are anxiously awaiting the result of this historical day because American voters will elect who will govern them and will affect the rest of the world.

Ben Rhouma Chedli

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