18th edition of JTC 2016: Tribute to memory of late Moncef Souissi

The 18th edition of the Carthage Theatre Days (JTC) opened on Friday evening with a tribute to the founder of these Days, the late Moncef Souissi, who died on November 6, 2016 by screening a short documentary highlighting half a century of his dedication and his significant contributions to Tunisian and Arab theatres, thanks to his record of passion, creativity.

Posthumous tribute is to be paid to the memory of actress Saida Sarray (died on November 6, 2016), actor Ahmed Snouissi (died on November 20, 2015), journalist and playwright Ahmed Ameur (died on April 20, 2016) and Moroccan Tayeb Saddiki, considered as a great friend of the JTC, and one of the Moroccan theatre monuments.

The 18th edition also pays tribute to Tunisian Jalila Baccar, Ivorian Werewere Liking, Algerian Mohammed Adar and Beninese Béno Sanvé who have dedicated themselves in the service of the values of the oratory art and left an indelible imprint on the theatre of their country.

Besides, the JTC commemorates the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death by holding a two-day international symposium, November 22-23, on his work entitled “Shakespeare Without Borders”.

Six theatrical performances, including two Tunisian inspired by Shakespeare’s works, are included in the JTC agenda and an exchange programme entitled Shakespeare Academy (November 22-27) for 20 students from Tunisia, Belgium, Germany and Egypt.

Furthermore, 62 theatrical performances (18 from Tunisia, 17 from the Arab world, 10 from Africa and 17 foreign plays) and 96 performances in Tunis and several other regions are scheduled.


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