Enactus INSAT wins “Enactus Tunisia Online National Competition for 2020”

The 12th edition of the National Competition of Enactus Tunisia was held online, organised with the assistance of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

This annual event was held on August 24, 25 and 26 on the Facebook page “Enactus Tunisia” and brought together more than 11,000 people online between students, business leaders and university teachers.

Results of the 2020 National Competition

National Champion: Enactus INSAT

Vice-champion: Enactus Esprit ICT

3rd place: Enactus ENET’Com

4th place: Enactus IHEC Carthage

Team Leader Of the Year: Mustapha Ghouili, Enactus ISG Tunis

Faculty Advisor Of The Year: Ms. Ilhem Abdelhadi , Enactus ENICarthage

Environment Award: Enactus ISG Bizerte

Enactus Spirit Award: Enactus ISSEP KS

Picture of The year: Enactus ISG Bizerte

Throughout the year, more than 3,100 students from the teams of 80 public and private higher education establishments affiliated to Enactus Tunisia (business, management, engineering and health schools) and vocational training centres took part in the programme and developed diversified projects favouring social and societal progress in our country. Each of these projects meets at least one of the 17 sustainable development objectives set by the United Nations.

Of these 80 teams, 16 were qualified to take part in the national competition and present their projects before a jury of 80 professionals from the business world.

Exceptionally, this year, the teams presented their project and were registered and uploaded on a platform where the judges made their evaluations in 3 steps: Opening Round (4 leagues and 16 teams), Semi-Final (2 leagues and 8 teams) then the final with 4 teams.


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