National anti-corruption strategy signed: hope but also commitment

The national anti-corruption strategy was signed Friday in Tunis on the second day of the National Congress on Fight Against Corruption.

It was initialed by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, National Anti-Corruption Authority (French : INLUCC) President Chawki Tabib, Vice-President of the Provisional Authority of Judicial Justice Radhouen Ouerthi and President of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) Neji Bghouri.

“The fight against corruption is one of the priorities of the National Union Government. It is in this perspective that we will support, logistically and financially, this war against corruption, “said Youssef Chahed in his speech.

He announced that a new post of anti-corruption adviser would be created within the Prime Ministry to develop relations with the parties involved in this war.

In turn Chawki Tabib explained that the implementation of this strategy should mobilise an amount of 6 million dinars per year. This amount will be spent on awareness-raising campaigns. “We have made the calculation and we have concluded that this amount does not exceed 0.02% of the value of the agreements signed at the International Investment Conference ” Tunisia 2020 “. The fight against corruption was also an investment, he said.

“According to a study on corruption, 71% of Tunisians consider that it is still possible to fight corruption in Tunisia. It is in order to achieve this hope that we will spare no effort in our war against corruption, “he said.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Representative, Resident of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Kebir Alaoui said that Tunisia has no excuse for not fighting corruption.

“Tunisia has a plan, wills, teams trained and committed capabilities. The economic agenda that Tunisia had established for the year 2030 could unfortunately be undermined if corruption continues, “he cautioned.

Alaoui welcomed the commitment of the Ministry of Health, customs and some municipalities including that of Djerba which has just adopted the operational action plans against corruption. “May the island of Djerba” contaminates ” and incite the other institutions of the State to engage in the fight against corruption. “He said.

Neji Bghouri, reminded in a statement to TAP that the SNJT signed the strategy on behalf of all civil society which is still committed to fighting corruption before the Revolution. Civil society must, Bghouri notes, instill a culture of fighting corruption and impunity. Freedom of press and media is a factor in the fight against corruption.

“Investigative journalism is, by way of example, a space for the fight against corruption”, he said.

Justice Minister Ghazi Jeribi announced in a statement to TAP that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has agreed to prioritise corruption cases. “Corruption cases will now have top priority at the level of the courts”.


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