Tunisia: Hele Beji Wins French Acedemy’s Hervé Deluen Grand Prix

Tunisian female writer Hele Beji has been crowned winner of the famous French Academy Award Hervé Deluen Grand Prix for her exceptional efforts for the promotion of the French language.

The 68 years old Tunisian scholar is founder and director of Collège international de Tunis.

This daughter of Tunisian politician Mondher Ben Ammar, who had worked for UNESCO, authored several books including “Désenchantement national”, “L’Œil du jour”, “Une force qui demeure” and “Islam Pride.”

She was celebrated in 1983 by peer writers as winner of Prix de l’Afrique méditerranéenne, awarded by the association of French language writers.

She succeeds the French poet Alain Borer who won the prize last year with his novel “De quel amour blessée. Réflexions sur la langue française”.

Hervé Deluen Grand Prix is €20,000-award created in 2007. It celebrates institutions as well as individuals who champion in a remarkable way the French language as an international language.

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