OpenFab Tunisia organises «Ija M3ana 2017» meeting

OpenFab Tunisia organises  on  Sunday,the « Ija M3ana 2017» meeting which is an occasion to know about the the OpenFab Association Tunisia, its members, its past activities, its programme for 2017.

The gathering also provides the opportunity to collaborate with a project of the association, become a partner or being a member and even a volunteer.

OpenFab Tunisia is a Tunisian association whose goal is to promote DIY culture, Open Source Hardware in Tunisia. It organises training to popularise digital manufacturing and the opensource hardware … It also plans to make available to the general public, documentation and online resources freely accessible, through a tool of publication and sharing of sources ( which is supervised by its own members and open to anyone wishing to share the source of its hardware project.

Its ultimate goal is to create or contribute to the creation of Fablabs throughout Tunisia, as well as to create a platform ( that brings them all together as an active and interconnected community.


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