Phones seized in Amri raids near Rome

In two flats near Latina where terror attacker stayed in 2015

According to ANSA, Italian police seized several phones during raids at Campoverde near latina south of Rome Wednesday on two flats where slain Berlin terror attacker Anis Amri stayed in 2015, judicial sources said Thursday.

ANSA added the raids were made after investigators uncovered evidence of contacts Amnri had a year ago with a fellow Tunisian resident at Campoverde and currently detained for drug pushing at Velletri near Rome.

ANSA underlined that one of the flats was occupied by the Italian wife of the detained Tunisian and the second one by relatives of the woman and the  phones are now being examined to see if there were contacts with Amri after the December 19 Berlin attack before he was killed in a shootout with Italian police at a train station near Milan on December 23.


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