Tunisia starts New Year with three festivals in south

The desert and its culture are at the center of three festivals that will be showcased during Tunisia’s tourism season in the south at the beginning of 2017.

The first to kick off is ”Desert Extra” in Tataouine, a cultural, touristic and sports event on January 9-11 in Douiret with the aim of showcasing the rich historic heritage and geographical difference of the region, as well as promote its touristic vocation. Concerts, guided tours and open laboratories have been organized. A 42-km marathon has also been organized on the second day.

During the month of January, two other events have been scheduled: the International Festival of the Sahara and the International Festival of the Oases of Tozeur. The 49th international festival of the Sahara will be held on January 13-16 in Douz, called the ‘door of the desert”.

Several desert nomadic tribes, including the Mrazigs, will meet for four days in Douz. Women and men will be arriving not only from southern Tunisia and the Maghreb area but also from several African and Arab countries.

During the festival at the boarder of the oasis, the douar tents will be planted and desert people will arrive with their animals. In the souk, which already hosts during the year the most important market, the most beautiful white racing dromedaries will be selected (mèharis) along with the best hunting greyhounds (sloughis). Streets will be crowded with people, especially along the route crossing the palm park of Douz which leads to the open space of Hinich on the outskirts of the city. Here, visitors will be able to watch traditional ceremonies of local weddings and hunting scenes until dawn.

In addition, there will be shows at the school of Douz and near the Sahara Museum to discover folk art, curative plants used by Tunisians, Nefzawa dates and Tunisia’s beautiful craftsmanship.

The 38th edition of the International festival of the oases of Tozeur will take place on January 17-20: four days of dancing, music and arts in one of the country’s most beautiful places, surrounded by the oasis and the uncontaminated charm of Djerid.

The authenticity and tradition of this festival will allow to maintain and promote cultural knowledge of nomadic people in the Sahara desert, an unmissable heritage for the rest of the world, stressed the national agency of Tunisian tourism in a statement.


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