Jarrafa: Tunisian side of Ras Ajdair border drains Libya of veggies, fuel, and goods

The chief of the Ras Ajdair border checkpoint on the Libyan side, Mohammed Jarrafa, said the crossing is seeing a growing transportation of Libya’s goods, fuel and vegetables by whom he called the salves of dinar in Tunisia and Libya amid the Libyan authorities’ inaction.

On Saturday, Jaraffa told the press that the prices of vegetables in Libya have soared after they have all been taken to Tunisia once the movement returned to normal on the border in the last few days.

“The real revolutionaries must go to the Ras Ajdair border and reconsider what is going on in there.” He remarked.

Jarrafa said that the demands of Ben Guerdane’s protesters have been materialized without any obstruction by the Libyan authorities, adding that it is quite odd that the three governments in Libya have sat aside watching Libya’s economy being violated this way.

“The border is seeing now a good movement and it is divided between those who are going to receive treatment and healthcare in Tunisia and those who are smuggling goods via the border, worsening Libya’s ailing economy without any deterrence.” Jarrafa added.

Ras Ajdair border reopened for travelers from both sides after the weeks-long ban on business and trade crossings was lifted. The ban came as Libya slammed customs tariff on goods brought from Libya by Tunisians into their country as well as banning some other goods from being transported via the border.

Ben Guerdane protesters have also ended their protests that were kicked off last November.

 libya Observer

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