Libya’s crisis brought US folly in the Middle East to light, US newspaper says

Libya’s UN-backed government that was sealifted from Tunisia as well as former US-favored military man showed how US policy in Libya was anything but accurate, the American newspaper says.

The unresolved crises in Libya that took gradual shape after the fall of the dictatorship of Muamar Gaddafi in 2011 have made the US folly in the Middle East so shiny, reported the US newspaper The National Interest last week.

“US Mideast folly is best illustrated by the Iraq’s next-door neighbor, Libya. In that country, a civil war is deepening between an American-backed government (UN-proposed government) and a previously American-backed general (Khalifa Haftar.)

The report says that the UN-proposed government, which it described as the “sealifted government from Tunisia”, has failed to exert control over even the capital city of Tripoli.

According to the American newspaper, the Haftar-backed House of Representatives’ refusal to endorse the UN-proposed government and the continuing quarrels between the two governments are undermining diplomatic attempts at unification, as Haftar, who was a former CIA agent but broke up with it to attach himself to the Russians, continues to refuse to recognize Al-Sirraj-chaired government.

Again the newspaper emphasized that the US policy to deal with Libya’s crisis was a total failure as Haftar, though letting loose his American ties lately, was an ally to the US government and yet failed to use him and now he is hindering the UN-brokered government in Libya.

“However, there are new moves by Khalifa Haftar and eastern government to enlist support from the new US Trump administration.” The National Interest said, adding that it is highly likely that Haftar’s forces would move toward Tripoli and control the entire country.

Haftar has many times said, via the spokesman of his Dignity Operation Ahmed Al-Mismari, that his forces will move the war to Tripoli and conduct another alleged war on terrorism in the capital, which observers in Libya see as another attempt by Haftar and his Gaddafi-regime followers to destroy the country in retaliation for the toppling of the killed tyrant.

Libya Observer

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