SNJT next Congress to be held late April 2017

The next Congress of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) will be held by the end of April 2017.

According to a press statement released Friday, after the periodic meeting of the executive board of the SNJT, the Congress will be held within its legal deadlines.

It is worth reminding that all the members of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists are on duties within the office till now, with the required commitment and responsibility despite hard circumstances the country and the media landscape are going through.

The SNJT which tops the Tunisian civil society organizations, is present in crucial and delicate events and times.

In spite of the press freedom improvement, which represents a real asset for our country and for the democratic transition experience, the SNJT, whose structure is representative of all Tunisians journalists is facing challenges namely fragile employment for journalists and mass expulsion. Restrictions are imposed on journalists even by political parties and citizens, along with the access to information and the danger of financial and political lobbies to exploit the fragility of the political situation leading to manipulation of media, according to the latest moral report for the SNJT.

In another connection, the current skilled team, whose members are highly experienced in dealing with the various union files, will be more vigilant in defending freedom of expression which is the greatest gain of the media landscape in Tunisia.

This new path of press freedom will pave the way for the new generation of journalists to strive in defending this gain, regardless of the will to run or not for the next congress.

This is the main task of Neji Bghouri and his team who will endeavour to achieve success of their struggle towards better conditions for journalists and more freedom, away from any restrictions or harassment, something which ensures the sector its vitality and credibility during the big changes taking place in the media landscape.

We are all convinced that the task of this small team to solve such huge problems is hard, but this team will count on the symbols of different generations of journalists.

Ben Rhouma Chedly

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